The book is an easy read and I found myself happily immersed. Actually, it is so empowering to an individual. I feel as though I am being addressed personally.

job book

THE JOB BOOK was an easy read. I liked the discussion about the 10 most loved jobs. The description of how media glamorized jobs, (like special agents) will help readers to first investigate what really goes on  in the workings of a job of interest. Examples in Chapter 3, saying what not to do on a job is useful and tools to use  for vetting a potential employer will prevent wasted time and potentially prevent an unhappy job experience.

Job Book

“The Job Book is definitely an easy-to-use guide that readers may use to expand their horizon as they make their journey to a fulfilling career. The advice is helpful, and the exercises help them lay the foundation for their goals.”


Great idea for an overall book! I like the exercises and if people don’t want to do them they can always opt out. That being said, there is so much value in a book like this. I know many people who feel they have no options in their career path.


Discussion of the importance of social media in the beginning  is a very necessary piece of information. Examples of what not to do on a job is good.  Also, the part about vetting an employer, in Chapter 3,  is very useful. I liked the discussion about the ten most loved jobs and how the list is affected by the media. For example, films glamorizing the reality of a somewhat tedious  job of an archeologist is well written and a useful information which stresses the value of vetting.


For everybody who is looking for a job a MUST READ book. It is very easy to read, playful even, with lots of hard hitting facts. So far I do not know any better book in the moment when it comes to finding a Job. And I wrote myself two books on the subject.


A classic.  Direct and Profound.  If you are LOOKING for a better LIFE, this book is a MUST.  I am retired….and The Job Book has helped me re-energize and re-direct my life.

Mr. Barron is an entrepreneur and co-owner of businesses in the senior’s care field that hires thousands.


As a former teacher, I think this book could be very helpful to a young person just starting out on his/her career path.  I liked that it was chock full of easily digested recommendations. The reader can customize what is appropriate for him or her. I thought the section describing the formation of new habits would be especially valuable to  job-seekers.