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For over forty years Diane Phillips has enriched the lives of countless people of all ages by making the often-complex subjects of art and math easy and fun to learn. Diane's involvement with the arts began at age two. Though her abilities may have come "naturally," her ability to teach to others in a joyful manner has been acquired through hard-won knowledge of what works best with children. Diane has taught in over one hundred schools, including pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, special needs schools, university levels, as well as with seniors and homeschoolers.

Under Nobel Prize winner Reverend Leon Sullivan, Diane Phillips designed creative programs for children's centers in Philadelphia. She taught art at Widener School for the Handicapped. Her book, "Piece of Cake Art Lessons for Children of All Ages™", has received rave reviews as a workbook for parents, teachers and children of all ages.




Ms. Phillips attended the Philadelphia College of Art on full scholarship and apprenticed with foremost art therapist Ethel Mary Honore. She received her
BFA degree from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, and attended
University of Pittsburgh for graduate studies.


Diane Phillips' accomplishments include: children's book illustration for major publishers such as Disney and Western Press. As an educator, she has helped to develop art and math curriculums for 28 private schools in the USA.

Ms. Phillips has produced for television and video as well as events for America's bicentennial celebration, numerous community service concerts, and art festivals. For her work with young children, she has been awarded the coveted Brazilian Gold Medal by the highly respected organization, the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.


founder: make a difference!

Ms. Phillips founded the non-profit organization,
Make A Dif! Inc.™, a dedicated group aligning internationally recognized artists, authors and entrepreneurs, with exceptional mentoring in support
of betterment for young children, parents, teachers, caregivers, and evolving, more mature folks and seniors.

As a spokesperson for Make A Dif! Inc.™, she hosted a weekly half-hour radio show in the Orlando, Florida area called, Making A Difference!™ which promoted and mentored achievement. Funds from Make A Dif! Inc.™ help to support the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, a stellar international mentoring group for optimum parenting and early childhood development, for well and special needs families.

Gathering professionals who teach as an art, Make A Dif! Inc.™ is also providing personal, easy, fun online mentoring in a wide variety of subjects, including yoga, dance, tai chi, facial toning and exercise training... particularly for those folks in a chair for two or more hours a day.


kids creating for kids (eK4K)

Recently, Diane Phillips has formed the organization, e-Kids 4 Kids (eK4K)™, a division of Make A Dif! Inc.™, creating international opportunities for the promotion and distribution of products, created by children for children. The first product is a book by a 10-year old called, Small™.


diane phillips learning:

dianephillipslearning.info is a web-based learning resource for Diane Phillips Piece of Cake Learning™ materials and is part of makeadif.info™ products. The Diane Phillips Piece of Cake Learning™ brand products makes learning appetizing, fun and exciting rather than a boring, grinding experience.


Current Products

  • Piece of Cake Art™
  • Piece of Cake Math™ - Addition
  • Piece of Cake Math™ - Multiplication
  • Math2Music™ dance DVDs
  • Learn through Music DVDs, CDs, Books and Math Games
  • Audios by Highly Accomplished Mentors

Future Products

  • Animated online adventure series called "Vision Team™"
  • 24 How 2™ books (for 2-8 year olds. i.e., "How to Brush Your Teeth".)
  • Action figures that teach
  • Music CDs
  • Board and Card Games that teach
  • Children's Books, Clothing and Doll's Clothing designed by children


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