“Make a Difference!” Audio Interviews


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    • Janet Doman Interview, “How Smart is Your Baby?”   VERY!

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  • Steven Ferry Interview, Author, Meat Lovers Vegetarian Cookbook
  • Bryan Dyak Interview,President, Entertainment Industries. deglamorizing drugs in the entertainment industry..
  • David Yawrenko Interview, health tips info@newlifeclinic.ca
  • Anita Malley Interview,Award winning Actress; getting started.
  • Annette Brennon Galicia Interview, Achievement good study skills.
  • Christopher Eastwood Interview, film writing, director, editor tips
  • Colline Wilhite Interview,creative writing.
  • Geoff Levin Interview,bad drugs destroy creativity. Music composition.
  • Harry Frisch Interview,Business tools
  • Jacque Fresco Interview Architect, city planner. Promoting achievement.
  • James Evans Interview teaching skills to youth that dropped out.Founder of Tampa Bay City of Hope Fdn.
  • Janet Doman Interview, teaching babies
  • Jason Bromboltz Interview,Natural dental health
  • Jean Dale Interview, children in entertainment
  • Joie Albrecht Interview,Film writing tips from an award winning writer, director.
  • Karen Davis Interview,Award winning golfer, Golf tips
  • Karen Justice Interview,selling your creative works
  • Marlene Glickman Interview, INVITING CREATIVITY,crafts tips


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