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130 colorful pages, 43 easy- to -follow art lessons, including drawing, painting, design, seasonal, holiday themes, imagination-inspired. Fun for ages 4-94. Perfect aide for teachers, parents, children, and children- at- heart.

Art Lessons Tip:

Questions to answer before creating art:

  1. Why do you create artistically?

( ) For myself.
( ) To communicate something I appreciate.
( ) To put ideas across to other/s as I see or understand them.
( ) To help imagination skills, memory or awareness.
( ) For fun.


  1. Are you interested in:

( ) Free time creative activities.
( ) To supplement school activities, knowing that creative needs were reduced.
( ) Helping yourself or another to freely originate ideas, rather than just taking in data.
( ) 52 art lesson plans that may be done without outside supervision, allowing each to do them at their own comfortable speed.
( ) Art lessons that require little theory, or supplies, yet with purpose and satisfying results.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we invite you to check out and order Diane Phillips Piece of Cake Art ™ book here.

1 review for Piece of Cake Art Lessons Book

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    5 out of 5


    This is the book you will pull off your shelf or go to regularly to keep yourself or your children entertained. You will probably admire the art of your children so much that you will want to try your own hand. The Art Lessons Book, by award winning artist and educator, Diane Phillips, just begs anyone who goes to it to grab watercolors, pencils and markers and start creating. It incites creativity!
    With step-by-step easy instructions, the book takes you through the basics of, how to look at the world through a new, artists’ eye, to a finished piece. You need not be an artist or art teacher to use this book. But, you may want to introduce this book to your children’s teacher as a great resource. The level of professionalism of the finished artwork will delight and amaze you. This is the most user-friendly art book I’ve seen.
    This book is complete with colorful illustrations. There is no boring theory to wade through, but creative doingness from page 1.

    Anne Lehan, B.S., Education, Artist, Mother
    Published in The Communication Line Magazine

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